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Turn 6

Whispers from the Warp

Progress had halted. To the south the Genestealer Cults had dug in and resisted the combined forces of the Dread Squats and Death Guard. Meanwhile, the Squats and Tyranids clashed - blood was shed but neither claimed victory.

Despite the impasse, such blood shed had attracted the attention of the gods themselves...

Foul voices carried on the wind echo across the planet. The ruinous powers had turned their gaze upon Tetanus Prime. For those especially attuned to the ways of the warp, these voices spell madness. However, great gifts await for those with the fortitude to listen and endure.


Death Guard Vs Genestealer Cult

Tyranids Vs Daemons

Dread Squats vs Genestealer Cult

Turn 5

Greed of the Dread Squats

The final Deathwatch resistence collapsed disastrously under the inexorable Death Guard, so much so that the Inquisition ordered their immediate retreat from the planet. Now the plague army were free to march on towards the supply cache.

The Dread Squats were pushed back by Genestealer Cultists, however their greed knew no bounds and they immediately mounted a second assault. By this point however, the Death Guard scouting party had arrived.

With their eyes fixed upon the supply cache, the Dread Squats failed to notice another Tyranid spore pod dropping from the sky and they immediately scramble to face the incoming swarm.


Tyranids vs Dread Squats

Genestealers vs Death Guard vs Dread Squats

Turn 4

Their Final Watch

The Tyranid swarm quickily overwhelms Noctis city, forcing the Death Guard and Dread Squats south. Ever the opportunists, the Squats cautiously approach the source of the distress beacon, however they are ambushed by a rag tag force of Genestealer Cultists.

The Death Guard march south too but are hampered by an all too familiar enemy - the final remnants of the Deathwatch who are holed up in a nearby cathedral.

Meanwhile, strange shapes dart across the sky as a small but deadly force of Tyranids deep strike into an enclave of Imperial survivors.


Death Guard vs Deathwatch

Tyranids vs Astra Militarum

Dread Squats vs Genestealer Cult

Turn 3

The Battle for Noctis City

With the Tyranids sweeping from the north, and the Death Guard and Squats dug in to the south, all three armies stand ready to march on the capital.

Seeing the approaching armies, the Space Marines retreat from the city, hoping that their enemies will choose to destroy each other. A single squad is left, tasked with securing and activating the city’s automated defences. However the invaders arrive before they have a chance to complete their task and now they risk losing the city for good.

Meanwhile to the south, vox channels crackle to life as an emergency broadcast rings out across Tetanus Prime. It speaks of survivors sitting on a valuable supply cache, but that enemies are quickly approaching and that they need an immediate evacuation.

Is it a trap? Maybe. The only thing for certain is that it will be the vicious and the hungry that answer the call.


Dread Squats vs Death Guard vs Tyranids

Turn 2

The March to Noctis

The Deathwatch had failed. The Tyranid swarms had overwhelmed them and now it was up to a rag tag force of Astra Militarum survivors to form a defence line to slow the invasion.

Where the Deathwatch had failed against the Tyranids, they reached an impasse with the Death Guard with both forces failing to secure the area. However, the inexorable Death Guard march on, this time to face their old enemy, the Space Marines.

Despite faltering against the Deathwatch, the Death Guard had stolen an unexpected victory away from the Dread Squats. Now they stand primed for an invasion against Noctis City.

The Dread Squats, attempting to skirt around the seemingly unmovable Death Guard send an elite kill team to flank them, however they are met with yet more resistance from the mighty Space Marines.


Death Guard Vs Space Marines

Tyranids Vs Astra Militarum

Dread Squats Vs Space Marines

Turn 1

First Strike

Both the Tyranids and Death Guard have landed planetside. Attempting to secure a footing from which to mount their attacks, both forces spread out to secure nearby territory. However the Deathwatch forces quickly mobilise, striking out at both armies at once in an attempt to halt both invasions before they begin.

Meanwhile the Dread Squats of Hashut slam into the southern hemisphere. The Death Guard forces, sensing a new chaotic presence, send out a patrol to investigate.


Death Guard Vs Deathwatch

Tyranids Vs Deathwatch

Dread Squats Vs Death Guard